Saturday, August 11, 2007

Always a romantic!

So I will admit it, I am a romantic movie fanatic. I love to watch sappy movies. I like when they have humor too, but I am crazy for some romance. The movies pictured are some I could watch over and over. Of course The Notebook is my all time favorite, I loved the book even more. Which brings me to a thought. Nicholas Sparks needs to get a new book out. I have read ALL of his books and love them! The only part that sucks is he writes one book a year. I can't stand having to wait that long to read his books. I know it takes a while to write a book but dang he needs to get a new one out. The last one I read was last Christmas. I am getting impatient!! So I looked and his next book is due out September 25. I can't wait. Anyone else out there Nicholas Sparks fans? I think all women and men for that matter should read the Notebook (my husband even liked it). It is the best love story. Oh and the sequel is great too, it's called The Wedding. Happy reading.


Kari said...

See? You just solved your Christmas dilemma for me! I still haven't read those, either one yet!

Sandi McBride said...

I don't see Gone With the Wind in this list, nor Sleepless in Seattle,oh oh and who could leave out It Happened One Night? Get with it girl, just because a book/movie wasn't made this century doesn't mean it isn't fantASTIC...TCM, the best channel going...guess I'll have to make you some DVD'S
Aunt Sandi