Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I am so tired!!!

Okay so yeah now I have a job. I am happy about it, but man I am so not used to having to get up. I usually get up around the same time, but I always had the option of sleeping in. My alarm went off at 4:20am this morning. Wow!! I haven't seen that time of morning in like... NEVER!! It is way too early and oh joy I get to do it again tomorrow. I went to bed at eight last night and am planning on doing the same tonight. Okay so I guess I should blog my experience. It wasn't so bad. The kids are good for the most part, a little loud at times, but good. I went over my little instructions of no drinking, eating, or getting up from your seat thing and it went well. The craziest part is that my bus driver seems to have a crush on me. He's Japanese (an Okinawan actually) and wants to know all about me. He speaks English pretty good. He has to do signs for some things but I can understand him. He was rather down when I told him I was married. "Oh" he said. He apparently is just recently divorced and has a baby. Whom he referred to has his "handsome girl". I don't think he knows how to say pretty. Kind of funny. I try to be as nice to him as I can without seeming to interested to talk. Because he freaks me out a bit, I swear he watches me in his rear view. Eww I gotta move on I am getting freaked out. So the rest of my day..... So I didn't have a bomb on my bus, thank God, but there's always tomorrow. As of now I am not working Thursday or Friday and I feel happy about that. I need some rest up time. Nick is off on Friday so I am hoping we get to spend some time together. Maddy will be in school however, which stinks. She is off on Monday so we are hoping to do some fun stuff this weekend. That is if the rain will stay away....


Kari said...

Glad the job is going well.
Head on over to my blog - you've been "tagged".

Sandi McBride said...

Hopefully Freaky Creepy will move his attentions elsewhere and soon. You're doing the right thing just being civil....getting up at 0dark30 used to be a way of life for me and then I retired and guess what? I wake up at 5 everysinglemorningofmylife. It was those 14 hour days that got me lol...up at 4 to report to the jail at 5 and take morning reports, lol (opps, yeah, I was a boss lol, all the more reason not to be late!!!) If you still feel uncomfortable about your admired in a months time, it's time to talk to someone, ok?
love ya
have fun
Aunt Sandi