Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The name game

So I have been tagged again. I do enjoy it, but I have a long middle name so we will see. The rules are you have to use every letter from your middle name and put a fact about yourself starting with that letter. If you don't have a middle name then you are supposed to use a name you would like as your middle name. So here it goes:

Conner my son, made me the happiest and saddest that I have ever been in my life. The happiest because while I was pregnant I was so excited about being a mother. He gave me that gift. The saddest because his life was very short, only three breaths long. I feel fortunate to have had him with me every minute of his life except for the last one.

Hot is a feeling that I don't like. I want to move somewhere that actually has a fall and a winter. This tropical island is frying my brain.

Everyday is a blessing, some are better than others, but I am thankful for my life.

Rollercoasters scare me to death. I used to like them, but now they make me sick.

In my dreams I am pregnant with a healthy baby. Maybe one day it will become a reality.

Scrapbooking is my favorite hobby. I do it to relieve my stress. I find myself daydreaming about scrapbooking when I am somewhere I don't want to be. Crazy I know!!

Apples are great, the taste, the smell, the colors of them. I love it all.

So i did it!! WOO HOO! So I know you are supposed to tag as many people as your there are letters in your name, but I don't know more than two people that blog and one of them tagged me and the other person I know. So if any other bloggers out there read this then you need to consider yourself TAGGED!!!

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Sandi McBride said...

I have some good motherly advice for you that you probably get from your own Mom and Mom-in-law...relax. Losing a child is so traumatic that it stays with you forever. But the anguish deepens to the greatest love. Try not to worry when you next become pregnant, try not to compare the next pregnancy with the last...you'll drive yourself mad, if you do. Talk to God everyday, he'll lead you to it and get you through it. If there is EVER anything I can do for you, just pretend we've known each other forever, (that's what families do) and if it's in my power, I'll do it for you.
Aunt Sandi