Thursday, August 9, 2007

My moo

So you may wonder why I would call my dog "Moo". Well truth is I don't know myself. His name is Anakin. I call him that sometimes but most of the time I use other names for him like moo, monkey, or stinker-roo. It's crazy, I know. He brings me so much joy, that dog. I don't think I could have made it without him. My husband got him for me for Valentine's Day in 2004 to keep me company while he was away on TDY's. I told him he was the best present he ever bought me. He has provided me with so much entertainment over the years. I love that dog to pieces. Everyone talks about how spoiled he is, but I figure if I don't spoil him then no one will. He is four pounds of pure rotten. He has become a lap dog for the most part, which I love. He also sleeps in our bed every night. I feel very thankful to have him. After all, who couldn't love that face?

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