Monday, August 20, 2007

Thank you for my award!!

So my mother in law, Sissy, gave me the Nice Matters award!! I have been meaning to thank her for it and am just now getting to it. How wonderful to receive an award! I haven't received an award since I was in High school. Sissy~ The kind things you wrote about me touched my heart. If you hadn't already been awarded I would give you one also, no not to return the favor, but because not many people get along with their in laws. I mean really, they don't. And lucky for me we have formed somewhat of a bond haven't we? So maybe it's because we both adore my husband or that we both LOVE scrap booking(I am so happy that I introduced you!!!) but either way I am thankful for it. It's funny thinking back on when Nick and I were dating; I actually liked coming over to your house for the family gatherings. Not many can say that of their in laws. I thank God that I have you and Randey as my in laws. I couldn't think of any other couple that I would like to share that with. Trust me, I've had some boyfriends' parents that were just a tad loopy. So thank you for my award, I will cherish it always.

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Kari said...

I don't know if you should consider yourself lucky that you have me for a mother-in-law. The bad news is, I'm always getting moody and grumpy - the good news is...I'm getting older so I usually forget pretty quickly why it is that I'm moody and grumpy. lol