Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas photo shoot

Everyone is in this one but our cat, Chloe and chipmunk, Leia. Maddy pointed out that Conner is in the picture too. Look on the tree in the middle of mine and Nick's heads his pic is in the superman ornament. How sweet?
If only Nick would smile.
This was my favorite one of us three together.
You can see my belly poking out in this one. My true love and me.
Here's my little Tinkerbell and me. She has a little red bow in her hair that Nick was so ready to get out of her hair. I thought it was precious.

Now this picture is just classic to me. A little girl all dressed up with her little dog. Melts my heart. Awww!!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

These are great pictures - just great! Everyone looks so festive (and yeah Nick - would it kill you to crack a smile???). I'll have to copy these to my computer. Too good.

Can you believe that we got your package today? I thought you said you just mailed it? lol I love the stamps and I love the Christmas card, too. (Note to self: handmade cards are fine, but picture cards are BETTER!). Haven't had a chance to watch the DVD yet (the boys are hogging the TV with X-Box live right now). And please tell Maddy that we adore her artwork. I thought Randey was tearing up when he was looking at it. He says he's taking his picture to work so he can set it up in his office and look at it every day. That man DOES love his grandchildren, doesn't he? lol

I'm off to make a few more cousin finally sent his corrected address today and that of my aunt and I think I'm out of cards to mail. Maybe I'll get a chance to use my new stamps!

Talk to you later,

Anonymous said...

I do love the photos. I was about to say Kari will be on clouds,but I see she has already beat me. I love the pic of your little tummy so sweet.

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, keep it up, I'll be dehydrated by lunch at this rate! Lovely pictures, lovely family...and love Maddy's dress...she is a little beauty...Nick will have even less to smile about in about eight years...maybe less. Love
Aunt Sandi