Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Spirit Award!

A very long time ago, well back in November or so, I was awarded with a Christmas Spirit Award from my mother in law, Kari at just living large. I was thrilled with it, being that I do love Christmas. However, amongst my forgetfulness and my lack of computer skills I have failed to post about it. You see I don't know how to copy the little animated picture to my blog. Yes, she told me to ask her how to do it and that's where my forgetfulness kicks in. I always forget to ask her. So here I am only 5 days before Christmas telling myself to get my butt into gear. So I am going to post my thanks for the award without posting the cute little animated Santa with his sleigh. Thank you, Sissy, I love the award!! I feel very honored to have Christmas Spirit. Who wouldn't?? As a matter of fact starting this weekend that's all I will be doing, Christmas things. Saturday I have to layout my turkey. Maddy and I will start baking our Christmas cookies that night. I have both gingerbread and sugar cookies to make. I am so excited. I just love cutting them out and decorating them. Then on Sunday, I have to make my Rolo pretzels, a cheese ball, and start a veggie tray. We are having a few people over for Christmas Eve and I am serving finger foods, wassell, and hot chocolate. After we eat and play games we are all going to the Botanical Gardens light show. It is absolutely beautiful. We went last year and I loved it. Hopefully this year we will get to see the laser show, we missed it last year due to rain. I will be sure to post tons of pictures. Oh and another thing I hope we can do is go to the zoo where they are supposed to be making snow and igloos. I really hope we get to go. I just can't wait!! Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a joyous time!!!!!

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Sandi McBride said...

Make sure you post lots of pictures...I'll be thawing out my ham...making Chicken and Dumplings, cooking collards and making the Mac and Cheese (no not the Kraft variety, lol)!
Have fun fun fun...hugs for the girls...and for Nick!
love to you all
Aunt Sandi (and Uncle Wally says hello too...)