Tuesday, December 18, 2007

For the love of Chocolate!

Whoever said that diamonds were a girl's best friend was surely mistaken, it's chocolate that is her best friend!! So it seems my little girl is like most women, she loves CHOCOLATE!! Yes the past month or so I find myself wanting Chocolate in all forms, ice cream, candy bars, cookies, and the best thing: FUDGE! Yes it's this time of year the I pack on a few extra pounds from nothing other than the mounds of fudge I eat. I have loved fudge since I was a child. My mom would always make it, among other Christmas treats every year. It was well known that the chocolate fudge was my favorite. This year I am already on my second batch, but this time I plan on sharing a little. Maddy was the only one, besides myself, that got any of the last 3 pound batch. Nick could have had some, but he doesn't like fudge. I know what a WEIRDO; his mother would be appalled. Yes, I still love cheese and peanut butter too. She can't get enough of it.

So anyway I went to another appointment on Monday, to see Bozo, but I have decided to change his name. He actually is shaping up so I will start referring to him by his real name, Dr. Cummings. All my blood work testing for Cystic Fibrosis, Down Syndrome, and various Trisonomies came back negative. I will admit I wasn't too terribly nervous about it, since Conner's were negative also, but there's always that chance. So anyway, he went to check the heartbeat and I go, "So no ultrasound today, huh?" (Nick had told me he wanted us to get one since he will be missing mine next week.) So he goes, "No, was I supposed to give you one?" I replied that I didn't know if he was supposed to or not. Then I hear him call to the nurse to bring the abdominal ultrasound in. Ha ha tricked him!! So we got one that didn't really clear anything up for us. He said he didn't see any boy parts but isn't really seeing girl parts either. So he also gave us a 90% chance of a girl. He was like, " yeah I will say it's more than likely a girl, but you never know!" AHHHHH! I know most people don't get 100% sure but, it still tends to make me nervous. He didn't' measure her so I am not sure how she's measuring, I will find out next week on the 27th. Her heartbeat is in the 150's to 160's. So that's good. Luckily she's still showing as a healthy baby and that's all that matters.

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Sandi McBride said...

My Lord, I don't know who's reading whose mind, I just posted my fudge recipes, BOTH Chocolate and PEANUT BUTTER! lol...you really have to try these...they are world famous! Well, as least as far as the world has been in any of my homes! So, I'm glad Bozo (Dr. Cummings) is shaping up. Bout time, I say! Glad you liked the earrings! And I'm glad that Maddy thinks she's rich...hope that little fairytale bubble doesn't get popped to soon!
love to you all
Aunt Sandi