Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Her release

Losing a sibling at a young age is very hard. I know this because I lost my brother at 3 years old and I have watched Maddy deal with Conner's death. She has talked to me about it a lot, sometimes I think more than she does anyone else. I feel maybe she does that because she knows that I too lost a little brother. She has asked me so many questions that have just about tore my heart out. I always try to answer without getting upset, but she knows the pain, sometimes she cries too. Here are a few of the things she has said to me in the past: Do you think Conner has friends in heaven? I bet he does, he has his uncle Jeremy with him. Do you think Conner is watching us right now? Does he hear me when I talk? Can I talk to him? I miss my brother. My brother is superboy. The list is endless.

Everyone deals with death differently. Maddy uses drawing to help her. These are a few examples of things she has done in honor of her brother. Too, too sweet...

The first one she drew on Conner's 2nd birthday. We had just came home from letting his balloons go and I saw her writing in her notebook. This is what the picture says: Today was my brother Conner's birthday and he is turning two years old. It is also sad because he died on that very day. My step mom is laying on my dad and everyone was so happy and so sad.

This next one was just a random drawing she did of him in his superboy outfit. The top says Be handsome.

These last two are from her diary not too long after we lost Conner. I know it may be wrong of me to have ripped the pages out of it but I knew that she would lose the diary (Maddy is known for losing things) and would appreciate seeing the sweet letter she wrote about her brother down the line. It says: Dear Diary, I miss my brother. I wish he was here. Love, Maddy, Mom, and Dad. The picture is supposed to be him flying above her. Keep in mind she was 6 years old when she wrote and drew these two. It's just heartbreaking.

Here are some more pictures she drew. I wanted to add them because they are so cute! The first one is supposed to be me. She had me pegged scrapbooking and a purple dress! The Second one is a pic of her daddy. He is her hero. She signed the bottom: love, Maddy Madalynn the Goblin Queen. She was named after a comic book hero called the Goblin Queen, poor baby! And the last one is a chalk drawling of a ladybug she did this past year in school. It is very cute!


Donna said...

Bless All Your little hearts....
She will be a Wonderful artist when she grows up...hughugs

Sandi McBride said...

Of course Conner has friends, family...he'll be starting school...he'll grow, his body died, his soul is so very much alive!
love and hugs
Aunt Sandi