Friday, July 11, 2008

I went early Christmas shopping!!!!

Okay so maybe I am early. Heck who am I kidding, I always shop early for Christmas. Otherwise I would never get it all done, especially with the limited things here in Okinawa. I found the cutest clothes for Kara and Maddy (and myself, hee hee)! It was a pink/brown/blue/purple (my favorites) explosion in the BX today. It was a lot of stuff but I managed to spend just under $200 on it all. (Nick if you are reading this remember they are Christmas presents not me just going crazy or maybe I should remind you of all those boxes I have been getting in the mail, LOL ) So here's what I got:

These are some blue jeans with little purple flowers on them and a little dress for Kara both in 12 month sizes. I love the little dress it has both brown and blue, which I think is adorable together!!
Next is a set of 2 onesies and a sleeper all in pink/brown combinations. I love them. On the onesie on the back side it has two little elephants in brown and says "true love". How sweet is that? Pink and brown together is so beautiful. I am not sure why I didn't come up with that combination sooner. Jana, you have to find these clothes for Autumn Faith they are all Carters brand. This has to be the cutest outfit. I paid an ungodly amount ($27) for it, but I HAD to get it. It is purple and brown my two all time favorite colors. The pants are corduroy with purple accents. The little onesie has a little brunette girl with pigtails and the sweater has cute little pockets lined in purple. This picture doesn't do it justice. I can't wait to put her in this outfit. Wouldn't it be cute if I dressed her in this and put her hair in pigtails?? I will have to remember that. So adorable! It will be just the size for her around Christmas time. These onesies are really cute. Both are baby blue with brown. My new addiction. I want to do both my bedroom and living room in these color combinations (I can't believe I am wanting to get rid of my purple stuff ). But I think I may want turquoise blue for my bedroom instead of the baby blue. The onesie on the back side has little brown heart shapes all over it and says "so pretty"
On to Maddy's stuff. I couldn't resist these two shirts. I love them both. I was tempted to get them in extra large for myself. I know that's crazy, I talked myself out of it. I am not ashamed to admit that I sometimes buy clothes out of the kids department for myself. On a happier note, I am trying to break that habit. I may go back and get her a few other shirts with these colors after I make sure she's still in size 10/12.
Next is a little blue panty/tank set. Maddy loves these things. She is so desperate to wear a bra. I can't bring myself to buy her anything like that so I bought the closest thing to it. I think she will still like it. She looks really good in this blue anyway. The other shirt is of course brown with little monkeys on the white shirt. Click to make the picture larger. I wish they had it in Kara's size. I will have to ask them to save it for when Kara gets older. They are both our monkeys. Maddy will love it!
So now on to what I bought myself. It seems every time I shouldn't be buying stuff I find the cutest clothes. It's hard to tell but there's a brown halter dress in the pic with this white top. I love the dress. It is so cute and so comfortable. The shirt is one of those you wear with shorts and it almost covers them. I never thought I could pull that look off (which maybe I was right) but I think it looked really cute on in the store. I had on blue jean shorts today and it looked so good together. It's a nice top for the hot weather we have been having. Finally to end the shopping trip some pink shirts. Sorry Sissy, I know we were just discussing how there are no pink shirts and then I go out and find three. If only I could have known what color you wanted of pink, I may have found you one too. Let me know and I'll look! I love all of these shirts. I think that pink may be my new obsession. Who would have thunk it?? Maybe Kara brought out my girly side, I just don't know!!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Oh man, get out of here!! I search this entire town over and can't find one lousy pink shirt and you run right to the store and find 3. That's just not fair. I love the pale pink ones...I have a pretty brown skirt that would look just perfect with that pink...oh well, I guess it's not to be. (I say that like I've given up...I'm heading to the mall next week and a light pink shirt is at the top of my list of things to find. lol).

That's so funny about those clothes you got for Kara...Kohl's has the same outfits! I almost bought her one with the little pigtailed girl on it. lol I decided on that other little outfit I told you about instead. But I LOVED the little girl on the front, too cute with the pigtails and all.

Okay, I'd better get off here before I start thinking I need to attempt to talk Randey into a quick run to FW for a pink shirt tonight. ha,ha (It's become almost an obession to find one!!)

Love you,

Sandi McBride said...

I love pink and brown and turquoise and brown...they look so good together...great shopping trip, I'm sure Nick won't mind long as there's groceries in the house when he gets home!
love ya
Aunt Sandi
squeeze Kara for me! BIG HUG